November 21 CSA

I'm sure the novelty will settle down at some point, but right now I'm still very excited about my weekly CSA box.

This week they were very generous with portions due to the holiday, and I was happy to see so many mandarins, because they were delicious! I'm also very excited to enjoy the last green beans of the season. We received: carrots, Asian pears, Satsuma mandarins, broccoli, leeks, sweet potatoes, green beans, cabbage, spinach, potatoes, and butternut squash.

The CSA newsletter said to discard the green portion of the leeks, which was indeed news to me. I had always just eaten them. They may be a little fibrous, depending on how they're prepared, but I think they taste good. Besides, a little extra fiber won't hurt!

Dinner that night was a satisfying spinach and 'fu scramble with lemon cream sauce and skillet fries with leeks.


Salt Water said...

This 'fu scramble looks good, but what is it. I grow leeks and potatoes. I would like to try this.

mel said...

It's a tofu scramble made from sauteing crumbled and drained extra firm tofu with olive oil, garlic, salt/pepper, tumeric, and a flexible variety of other herbs/spices/vegetables. The spinach was thrown in during the last few minutes for a gentle welt. The sauce is a basic roux from Earth Balance margarine and flour, combined with soy milk and seasoning to form a creamy sauce.