Calling all fans of brunch

Do yourself a favor and pick up Isa's new brunch book if you haven't already!

Delicious tomato rosemary scones. Collards and sausage that will pop your dome. And my personal favorite, soft and buttery coffee cake, just like the kind mom used to make, or buy. You know, the one in the blue and white box. I've made this recipe several times already and am still in love. Just in case you think you're going to get sick of it (you're not), Isa provides a bunch of variations for fruit, chocolate, and other flavors. The recipe is flexible enough, you can pretty much do whatever you want to it and it'll be amazing. That's how good it is. The other day, I added a layer of sweetened dairy-free cream cheese and fresh strawberries. It is strawberry season after all.

And the cinnamon rolls! Make the cinnamon rolls!

T-shirt contest

I'm not really a big fan (understatement) of PETA, what with their racism, sizism, and sexism (Do I even need to provide a link for that one? I wouldn't even know where to begin...), but if there's one thing that I hate more than PETA, it's vivisection.

Head on over to PETA2 for a chance to win one of Danny's newest designs for Zu that addresses the absurd cruelty of subjecting lovely critters to all sorts of chemicals and crap for the sake of human safety, and by safety, I mean stupid aesthetic standards.

Contest entry form! You have until August 28th.

And congratulations to Danny and Shaudi! Extra points for creative use of a red velvet cupcake, though if it were me, I'd much rather just have the cupcake. I wish you both lots of happiness!

Boca king and marshmallow queen.