Airplane meals

I can't say that we were expecting too much from the two meals we recieved on the 10 1/2 hour flight from SFO to Narita.

Dinner was overcooked vegetables with some odd, flavorless, yellow, congealed sauce. The lentils and couscous were pretty good though. Thankfully, they gave us a lemon wedge with the salad, which combined with the salt and pepper packets was edible, because the vinaigrette contained milk powder. Thanks, United! Read closer next time. Unfortunately, it looks like Melisser had the same problem on another recent flight. Hopefully, they'll start paying more attention to their vegan meals. The cookie was vegan, but as dry as a cake of sand. Shane enjoyed it though.

Breakfast was a potato, bell pepper, red onion, sundried tomato sautee. Both overcooked and undercooked, and flavorless without the addition of pepper, but somehow satisfying in a groggy, dehydrated, airplane stupor. Plus we got Nutrilicious donuts! They were a bit hard (they would have been brilliant with 15 seconds in a microwave), but c'mon, it's a donut! You almost can't go wrong with that. The fruit was also nice.

The return flight was more disappointing. The exact same meals, but for some reason they though a tiny container of orange juice was a suitable replacement for the donut I had been looking forward to. Boo!


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Sounds like we had the same experience, especially since our meals look basically the same. I was SO sad about that cookie, just awful. I begged for a donut on the way back, hahaha! They didn't have any.
Make sure you write to United about the dressing, mention allergies, how serious it is that they can't provide proper meals, etc. Hopefully you'll have the same outcome I did!

Anonymous said...

mm, that happened to me, after my ride back from tokyo as well o_O.

milk powder = x_X

tofufreak said...

vegan donuts?! on the plane?! wow.