Bike Ride for Animals

All around awesome dude Josh Hooten, who along with his wife Michelle owns Portland's Herbivore Clothing Company, is hopping on his bike for a 600 mile trek down to Orland, California, for Farm Sanctuary's annual Hoe Down in May.

I'm hoping his ride creates minimum chafing, while still reaching maximum outreach for all of the good that Farm Sanctuary does to help animals who have been abused, neglected, rejected, and otherwise spat upon by our messed up food system. Josh has set an amibitious goal of raising $10,000 dollars for the farm. You can lend your support here: I want to give Josh money!

My birthday just happens to be during the Hoe Down, so in lieu of all of those gifts I know you were planning to get me, please give your money to Farm Sanctuary instead!

You can follow along with Josh's training and preparation on his blog.

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car said...

beautiful....we live in NY and totally support the New York Farm Sanctuary...