Homestyle sweet and sour tofu

I don't just eat baked goods, I swear!

None of that flourescent-colored, sugary stuff. So satisfying. Pineapples are key, despite Shane's hatred.

Modded slightly from my mom's recipe. There is no real recipe though. It's one of those things we just make by eyeballing amounts and throwing stuff in a pan. One of these days when I'm not in a hurry, I'll try to measure everything out.

I begin by tossing sliced tofu in cornstarch, water, flour, and garlic powder, then it gets pan-fried until crispy and set aside. Into the wok goes 1 small sliced onion, a touch of oil, and some grated ginger. Once they're softened, I add pineapple, red or yellow bell peppers, and chopped tomatoes. Everything is sauteed together for a while until they begin to caramelize.

Meanwhile, I prepare a slurry of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, agave, sriracha, cornstarch, and water (and pineapple juice if I used canned). Once the vegetables are cooked, the sauce is poured on and allowed to thicken and turn everything into a delicious, soupy mess. Then the tofu is added back in and warmed through.

Rice, like the pineapple, is also key. I actually wish I had added more pineapple than I did today. If I had a mango, I might have thrown that in as well.


shaudi said...

If you ever make it with mango PLEASE call me!!!!! Actually mango or not, i want some. It looks so amazing.

Caty said...

It looks tasty! Thanks for the recipe/guidelines, I'm always looking for new ways to do tofu.

(and there's nothing wrong with only eating baked goods! I just looked at your cupcake party post- wow, delicious)