This post isn't about a whole lot other than how cute my family's dog Oskar is.

Oskar has big ears.

And a big tongue.

He loves his rope.

Leave me alone already!

My parents were cute and labeled some meals they prepared for me:

White bean, eggplant, saffron casserole.

Bun rieu.

Soy creamy 'wiches!


Veg*Triathlete said...

Wow, I love your blog! Oscar looks like a cutie and how awesome is it that your parents marked vegan meals for you?! Someday when I go somewhere with a Trader Joes, I will go in specifically to buy that adorable little package of soy creamy sandwiches. (I'm such a sucker for cute packaging.)

heather said...

oskar is awesome! and so are your parents for making/labeling vegan meals. i'm jealous!