Tamale night

Shaudi invited some folks over for tamales the other night. We used the Everyday Chipotle-Vegetable Tamale recipe from Veganomicon. The tamales are stuffed with corn, beans, bell pepper, carrots, and deliciously smoky chipotle peppers and adobo sauce. We also roasted some poblanos to add in a few tamales with Follow Your Heart Monterrey Jack.

Charlie, Shaudi, and Nako hard at work.

The process is surprisingly easy and definitely worth the time.

Steaming away.

Shaudi made some mango salsa and guacamole, along with what started as Mexican chocolate cupcakes but became tasty coconut-almond-cinnamon-stuff I'm probably forgetting-chocolate cupcakes. I brought over the red hots, so shane wouldn't eat them all. It was an awesome meal, and the tamales reheated nicely for lunch the next day.

Not pictured was Charlie's spicy xocolatl, dilligently stirred 11 times counterclockwise, clockwise, then repeat!