Arsenal v. Fulham: Pie and Mash Party

Ever since he heard Becks mention it, shane has been fascinated with the idea of Pie, Mash, and Liquor. With the Premier League season now underway and his two favorite teams playing each other this past weekend, we decided it was due time for a pie mash party. I modified this recipe for minced beef pie, subbing seitan for beef; using extra mushrooms and carrots, plus some thyme, for additional flavor; and threw in a few new potatoes I had lying around.

We sauteed the onions and mushrooms first, to remove most of the water, then added the rest of the vegetables and seitan and let them cook for a few more minutes before tossing in the garlic and thyme until fragrant. Next came some tomato paste and mustard. Once mixed, I added a couple spoons of flour and stirred it in well and let the starch cook for a moment. Finally, I added some water to form a gravy. The whole mix was simmered for about 15 minutes until the potatoes were tender.

I made a basic pie crust recipe and rolled it out to line the individual pie tins. Each tin received a couple ladels of filling before getting a top crust put on.

They were baked at 350F for about 25 minutes until golden and served with mashed potatoes and parsley liquor.

Along with some root beers (thanks, Neel!), we had the perfect game meal.
Arsenal had a sorry showing and lost to almost-relegated Fulham, 1-0.

To complete our fine meal, Pranjal brought a trifle of sponge cake, strawberry custard and jelly, strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream. It was like 5 delicious desserts rolled into one!

There's rumors of fry ups or fish and chips for next time. We need to put Neel's deep fryer to work!


PeteF said...

My mind is blown. Seriously, delicious looking food and Premiership football? Wow. I watched that match in the pub, and despite being an Arsenal fanatic I have to say that Fulham deserved the victory!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Oh my god. I'd be over the moon with either the meat pie or the dessert, but both in one day? Wow, wow, wow.

Those meat pies are brilliant and adorable.

jessy said...

those pies look most fantastical! oh my goodness i need to make some for myself!

fry ups or fish and chips next time?! sweet awesomeness!

Pranjal said...

This was the best idea ever, and your pie and mash was amazing! Seriously, the pastry was nice and crumbly, and the filling was intensely flavourful. The parsley liquor made it all the more easy to stuff an inordinate amount of food down my throat.

I'm glad you guys liked the trifle! I might make some adjustments and bring another dish around for the next match!

Animal-Friendly said...

Those pies look like total comfort food! And with a side of mashed potatoes? My mouth is watering!

That trifle sounds delicious as well. Fruit trifles are perfect for summer.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

Lindsay I-F said...

yum those look so good

LeAnne said...

Lookin scrumptious!!! MY GOD VEGANS ARE AMAZING FOLK!!!!!!!!