Bake sale

I just realized that I never did an update about our first bake sale! It was a success. The faux-hos were a huge hit, along with the chick-o-stick cupcakes.

We did get chastized by an older gentleman who warned us about violating health codes. He was very concerned about the avian flu, so if you got sick (other than sugar overdose), sorry! He let us know that Gilman has types of bacteria that scientists aren't even aware of. I'd probably believe him on that one.

During Let Down (LETDOWNSTRAIGHTEDGE), I was standing on the arm of a sofa, when two young dudes ran in, supporting a third young fellow between them. They proceeded to dump their inebriated buddy on the couch and promptly left. Moments later he rolled over and began to puke all over the floor right next to our bake sale table. Talk about a violation health codes! Haha. The kind Gilman volunteers cleaned things up; I'm not sure what happened to that kid. It was a good show and I had lots of fun. A young woman even approached me and asked if I would fill an order for a vegan friend's birthday in the fall. I was flattered! She and her friend bought three cupcakes. I was going to give them some free ones at the end of the show, but didn't see them around.

I don't really like the idea of making money off of other kids, so I want to decide on a place to donate future bake sale profits. For now, they're being reinvested in baking equipment (a refurb onyx stand mixer will soon be mine!)

Thanks to Allison for introducing me to the wonders of Chick-o-sticks.

I still had a couple undipped ding dongs and hohos in the freezer since I ran out of chocolate, but I took care of that the next day. Then I went on a chocolate dipping spree.

(Half pints for a dollar!!!)

(Vegan butterfingers!!!)


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Vegan butterfingers?! Is there a recipe somewhere?

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Wait.. this was in the Bay Area & I missed it?! I need to subscribe to your blog, so I don't miss future events!

mel said...

I just dipped the chick-o-sticks in melted chocolate. So good! You can usually find the chick-o-sticks at gas stations, liquor stores, and other such fine establishments.