Strictly town biz

Shane and I moved a couple months ago and finally got around to throwing a housewarming party like the real adults we are.

We even made invitations! Shane likes goats; I like bats.

I borrowed some ideas from the Martha Stewart volunteers at my work (along with some fancy plastic platters) and served up:

Flax and pepper/poppyseed crackers and strawberries.

Vegetable platter with broccoli, green/wax beans, carrots, peppers, and celery. With creamy spinach and peanut dips. I don't get people who eat raw broccoli or beans; these had a quick blanching.

Stuffed mushrooms with panko. Not coconut-chocolate donuts.

Mini cupcakes army! Funfetti and mocha hazelnut.

I also made limeade with tons of fresh mint.

It was great seeing everyone! Big yay to DP and Amber who surprised us by driving up from LA, and with whom we had a post-party, very unvegan Man vs. Wild viewing.

(That's Shane's Mom's art on the wall!)

Lauren even gave us a housewarming plant. It now lives on our fridge.


Shaudi said...

thanks for all the treats! your place looks so good- don't you just love how i show off the wall you painted like it's mine- ha! the place looks so good.

nosilla said...

I totally thought it was next weekend!! I'm sorry I didn't come-I wanted to!